I'll have the Math homework - sounds familiar?

I’ll have the Math homework – sounds familiar?

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Math4Teens is all about making mathematics accessible, understandable, and fun.

Dr. G founded Math4Teens with a simple premise guiding his teaching philosophy:


I consider Math to be another foreign language. Like all languages, it is a form of communication among humans. Like Spanish, Italian, French, or Chinese – the more you hear it, read it, speak it, the better you”ll become.

Unlike any other language there are no native speakers. It is a second language for all. You can speak “Mathish” as well as anyone else.

This language is used when we infer properties of quantities, the relations between such entities. Its grammar reflects the tools we use to process these concepts. It has not only grammar, but also acronyms, special cases, ugly phrases, as well as charming and beautiful properties.

Like learning a second language, the acquisition of mathematical skills is enhanced when used in conversation. I see myself as a part-time translator to my students during their journey to “Mathland” and help them experience this strange and enchanting realm.

Read more about my philosophy and approach to teaching Math in the Blog section.

Transition to the redesigned SAT – first PSAT in the new format

Below is the link to an article which was in the New York Times regarding the new SAT. I think students and parents will find it very helpful! http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/01/education/edlife/everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-new-sat.html?_r=1#story-continues-1  

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SAT Question of the Day transition from email to app.

Well, it seems the makers of the SAT do not want to send us emails any more. If you have an Apple phone or tablet there is an App for you. For the rest of us with Android based machines the College board seems to think we will run and buy one? I would expect …

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