SAT Question of the Day May 22nd 2013

If 24 over 15 = 4 over n, what is the value of 4 times n?

A.     6

B.     10

C.     12

D.     30

E.     60

We know 24/15 equals 4/n what is the value of 4n?

4/n=16/4n (expand both top and bottom by 4) – the idea is we will find what is the value of 4n directly.

24/15=16/4n – lets flip both sides 15/24=4n/16 multiply both sides by 16.

15*16/24= 5*3*8*2/(3*8)=10=4n

63% of 236,000 got it right – relatively easy with a calculator.

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