SAT Question of the Day June 6th 2013

Milk costs x cents per half-gallon and y cents per gallon. If a gallon of milk costs z cents less than 2 half-gallons, which of the following equations must be true?

A.     x minus (2 times y) + z = 0

B.     (2 times x) minus y plus z equals 0

C.     x minus y minus z equals 0

D.     (2 times x) minus y minus z equals 0

E.     x + (2 times y ) minus z = 0

We can buy milk either in one or half gallon containers.

We pay Y cents per one gallon and X cents per half gallon.

If we buy two half gallons of milk we pay another Z cents  than if we buy a one gallon container.

In Math we will write 2X=Y+Z or 2X-Y-Z=0

You can try it with numbers: 10 cents for a gallon 6 cents for each half gallon and 2 cents for the difference between buying a gallon or buying two half gallons.

57% out of 141,000 got it right.

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