SAT Question of The Day June 30th 2013

Ten cars containing a total of 32 people passed through a checkpoint. If none of these cars contained more than 4people, what is the greatest possible number of these cars that could have contained exactly 2 people?

A.     One

B.     Two

C.     Three

D.     Four

E.     Five

This is a “logic” question.

We have 10 cars and 32 people. None of them contain more than 4 people. We need to find the MAXIMUM number of cars that contain exactly 2 people.

Lets try and construct the ideal condition. If we had 10 cars with 2 people in them we will have the maximum number of cars. However, this scenario enables only 20 people to ride in the cars and 12 are left out. Now, if each car contains no more than 4 people we can sit another 2 people in each car until we sit the 12 people we left out. We need 6 cars to sit these people with 4 people in each of these cars. We are then left with 4 cars with 2 people in each.

There are other legitimate logical approaches to this question – I shared the one that works best for me.

57% out of 162,000 got it right.

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