SAT Question of The Day July 12th 2013

Triangle A B C is isosceles, and the measure of angle A is 74 degrees. What must be the measure of another angle of this triangle?

A.     32 degrees

B.     42 degrees

C.     53 degrees

D.     74 degrees

E.     It cannot be determined from the information given.

If a triangle is an isosceles two of its sides are equal and two of his angles are equal.

We are given one angle with a measure of 74. It could be that this is one of the base angles and thus the other base angle is equal to it and the head angle is 32. Another option is that 74 is the head angle and then each of the base angles is 53. Without additional information we can’t tell.

We must therefore choose E.

38% out of 184,000 considered both options and choose the correct third option.

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