SAT Question of the Day July 24th 2013

A mechanic can install carburetors in 3 cars every 4 hours. At that rate, how long will it take the mechanic to install carburetors in 5 cars?

A.     6 hr 20 min

B.     6 hr 40 min

C.     7 hr 15 min

D.     7 hr 30 min

E.     7 hr 45 min

This is a work/rate problem. It is further complicated by the use of two types of units – hours in the question and a combination of hours and minutes in the answer.

I suggest you remember that every 15 minutes is 1/4 or 0.25 of an hour and 20 minute are one third of an hour.

Now lets get to work…

Our mechanic installs carburetors in 3 cars every 4 hours. It takes him then (without lunch breaks etc.) one hour and 20 minutes (a third) to install a carburetor in one car. Times five will give us 5 hours + 5X1/3 of an hour or another hour and forty minutes. Altogether 6 hours and forty minutes.

66% got it right out of 173,000.

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