SAT Question of the Day August 8th 2013

For every 10 dollars Ken earns mowing lawns, he gives 3 dollars to his younger brother, Tim, who helps him. Which of the following gives the relationship between d, the number of dollars Ken earns, and t, the number of dollars he gives to Tim?

A.     d equals (3 times t) over 10

B.     d equals (10 times t) over 3

C.     d equals 3 over (10 times t)

D.     d equals 10 over (3 times t)

E.     d equals (3 times t) minus 10

Yet another reading and understanding question.

We don’t need to do any calculations – just write down an equation.

We have two brothers (Ken and Tim). They earn d dollars mowing the lawn.

For every 10 dollars they earn Tim gets 3 . If Tim got T dollars how can we calculate d?

Well, if Tim got 3 dollars d must be $10. if Tim got 6, d must be $20 and so on.

That means we need to divide the t dollars tim gets by 3 and multiply it by 10 to obtain the d dollars they earned all together.

Answer b should do the trick.

Another way is to plug in 6 as the number of dollars tim earns and see that we get 20 as the d dollars they earn together.

46% of 170,000 got it right !

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