The cost of the First Session is $65.

This is a 75 minutes session composed of 60 minutes of tutoring and an additional ~15 to discuss what I’ve noticed and answer your questions.

I will work with you, using your homework and assigned book (preferred), or my resources. The idea is to observe how you approach a problem, what you know how to do, what you do understand, and what you don’t. These ~60 min will allow me to have a glimpse into the way you approach math related tasks, some insight as to your technical level, and a first look at most of the major math issues you face.

Based on this hour of actual tutoring I’ll outline an initial recommended plan to address your needs. Typically I’ll spend the additional ~15 minutes to discuss my recommendations and explain what I’ve seen. I will also point out, depending on your circumstances, resources you may want to use and harness to your advantage (approaching the teacher for extra help, school clubs and honor societies, etc.). This is  a good time for you to ask additional questions that I’ll gladly answer.

Tutoring Rates range between $50 per session to $120 per session.

Rate Depends on two factors:
The length of the session (Session can range between 45 minutes to 2 hours)
Your level of commitment as manifested by pre-purchasing of sessions.

Shorter sessions are more expensive per hour – Why? because of the time I spend on the road to and from the session (this does not apply to sessions conducted at my location). The longer the session the lower the cost per hour. For most students their home exact location will not affect the rate (see below).

Paying in advance for a certain number of sessions (10 or more.) will result in additional discount to the rate per session.  If you decide to discontinue at any point the remaining balance on your account will be returned to you. However, the rate per session will be determined by the number of sessions you actually took. For example if you payed for 10 sessions and received a 5% discount but then decided to stop sessions altogether after 3 sessions – the discount will be voided and you will be reimbursed for 7 sessions (that you did not take) minus the 5% discount you were granted for the 3 sessions you did take.

My recommendation is to agree on the format (length and number of sessions payed in advance) after our second session. This allows you the most flexibility. Assuming you are interested in more than at-will commitment I will reimburse you for the difference between the first and second sessions and the rate we agree upon . I do so to assure you have enough time to decide.

I travel to a location of your choice (usually up to 15 miles) at no additional cost (see details below) or conduct sessions at my home (Parking, cold/hot drinks and WiFi provided). Most students prefer to conduct sessions at their home where they are in a familiar and supporting environment. Other students like to reserve a study room in one of the local libraries. I have conducted sessions in Starbucks, Panera, and alike – although those are less preferable due to distractions and noise.

Generally, the majority of my students reside within the Rockville, Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Silver Spring, Potomac, North Potomac, and near-by communities in Montgomery County, MD. Some student live in northern Virginia while others reside in DC. To figure out if you are within the normal service zoon open Google maps, enter your address and set zip code 20852 as your destination – if it’s +/- 15 miles or less no additional charge will apply. If you are outside the described zone you can either travel to a location within the 15 mile radius, have sessions at my place, or add  $1/mile to the tutoring fees.

I accept credit cards, check or cash payments. My preference is to the later as no processing fees are required on my end. Please discuss payments options with me when you are ready to commit. I’m aware some families experience financial difficulties and am willing to work with you towards terms that you can afford.

Please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions – 24O-75I-8894