Person reading sign on two doors - amth and Aftermath

Let’s avoid the aftermath. Do the Math.

Please call 24O-75I-8894 between 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

If I am not available to take your call (either at work, driving or tutoring) please provide:

1. Your name and phone number (can I get back to you and leave a message or text this number?)

2. How and when to contact you

Evening? up to 10 at night? tomorrow before 11?

3. In a few words,  describe what you need? what are the math difficulties you encountered?

     Start with the class you are interested to get my help with

Algebra? Geometry? or maybe Calculus?

     What school and grade:

Freshman? Junior? Senior? WJ? WO? BLAIR? JDS? Holly Cross? Stone Ridge?

     Why are you seeking help:

The teacher is hard to understand or follow? The class progresses too fast? Recent poor performance? Academic support? Grade improvement? Want someone to help with homework and keep tabs?

Once we talked and discuss your needs I’ll be honored if you decide to give my tutoring services a try – you don’t have to. I’m glad to try and help even if things don’t work because of scheduling, or other causes.

Please don’t commit up-front – I am adding time to the first session to discuss what major issues seem to hold you back. I’ll share my recommendations as to the best way to overcome them.

I’ll be honest with you. There are times I’ll say that the student is demonstrating mastery of the concepts and has a strong handle of the technical skills; this student’s single low grade was a false alarm. It may be that all is needed is a quick review of test taking strategies. There are times I’ll recommend a session once a week to support the learning done in school, and there are the students who do need reconstruction of their math skills. At the end of the day it is your call what will work best for your child.

Only after I left, and you had the time to discuss how well my tutoring fits with your needs, and only if you want to – then we can discuss a permanent arrangement of some type. It is also perfectly OK to continue on ‘at will’ basis – i.e. we will schedule when you contact me – on a one-at-a-time session basis.

One of my objectives is to enable you to experience my student-oriented approach, that works with you and builds on your strengths. An attitude that does not impose and in the framework of the curriculum encourages long-term learning through understanding and practice.

Email questions to: “Tutor”

I know you will find working with me helpful, fun, exciting, and rewarding – and I can assure you it will pay off.


Dr Hanan Gancz, Ph.D.

Dr. Hanan Gancz, Educator.