Why choose Math4Teens?

When choosing a tutor, you are looking for a specific individual who will be able to make a difference in your personalized learning curve.

You are looking for someone who can bridge the gap between the way you understand things and the mathematical language describing them. An individual who will address your needs, work with you and your teacher to promote your understanding and mastery. Someone you can trust to be on your side.

In addition, you are looking for someone who is committed, is dedicated, and enjoys teaching.

Dr. G. answers all of the above – with stellar academic credentials, mastery of the material, and willingness to work with you, regardless of your level of understanding. Dr G is also patient, caring, enthusiastic, and a dedicated tutor who loves what he does.

Testimonials (and contact info) from satisfied students and their parents will be provided upon request.

When you choose Math4Teens you will get the best service at a reasonable cost.

No College student who has just finished high school (with all due respect to the typical College student – this is not a long term commitment for them), nor any teacher who will just repeat the material the same way he or she did in class a few hours back, offers the same.

You work with someone who cares about you, adapts to your style of learning, and looks at the bigger picture without forgetting the little details.

You are at the right place and in good hands.