MFT_Logo_CartoonPAYMENT – Cash or Check payments. There is a $35 processing fee for each check returned by your financial institution. Further tutoring may be suspended until payments have been received. Payment plans are available.

NOTICE – If you need to reschedule due to a non-emergency please do so within 48h of a session. Email/text are welcomed but are not sufficient. You are expected to call and speak with me. To re-iterate-  Email / Text is not sufficient! The minimum notice is 24 h in advance (for example calling me Friday night at 10 PM to reschedule Saturday morning 9:00 AM lesson is not considered sufficient notice).

I am aware of life’s curve-balls and will do my best to reschedule your sessions that are missed due to medical and family emergencies. Please consider options and try to work with me towards an alternative make-up session. However, you must understand I reserve the right to consider these types of events as a “No Show” and charge you a full session fee.

LATE: Sessions will start at the designated time. I expect students who meet me in public places to be there at least 5 minutes before the start of the lesson. The lessons will end at the designated time unless I was at fault, in which case you would receive extra time (at that session or a future one) or be partially refunded. If I’m late 30 minutes or more (very rare – usually due to severe weather or circumstances beyond my control) and you are unable to accommodate a late session you will not be charged for this partial session.

HOME: If the student is under the age of 16, an adult must be present at the location throughout the tutoring session. Following several sessions, adjustments / accommodations can be made on a case by case basis. Regardless, such modifications require my prior consent. Please plan for up to 15 extra minutes to allow a full session in case I’m running late. Please remember, I am traveling to your home through traffic. This is especially true during the weekdays and winter season.

Tutoring options:

One, two or half-hour sessions are available.

REFERRALS: If you refer a new client to me, and that client takes at least 10 sessions, the referring client (you) will receive one extra free session. This applies to any number of new clients referrals.

LIABILITY:  I can’t and wouldn’t guarantee the outcome of the tutoring as it come to grades or test scores. I can assure you I am doing my best to serve your educational need, explain, respect, challenge, and encourage you to do your best. It needs to be clear to you, as my student, or a parent of one, that I do not guarantee a score, nor higher performance on exams.
Once we identify the core problems that hold you back in math, test taking, and other aspect of academic performance you are expected to work fixing them. It is likely but not assured that the above indicators improve over time.