Milk carton – missing math skills.

How long is each session?

Each session is between 30 minutes and 2 hours long. We will spend the last 5 minutes discussing what we did and what is recommended to solidify the gains we made (practice an additional 2-3 problems from each type we worked on). I do not recommend sessions longer than 60 minutes unless the student can benefit from it (SAT / ACT /GRE / advanced math course or an adult learner).

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept payments by check or cash.  I’m open to discuss monthly payments, bi-weekly payments or other arrangements that will work for you.

Do you tutor groups?

Very rarely. Typically, I do not tutor groups. The benefit of having a private tutor is the establishment of the tutor-student interaction and the full attention I can and will devote to the student during the session.
It is my belief the one-on-one interaction is a key element in successful tutoring. Most likely you already learned the material in a class setting. It is clear that the skills you are interested in gaining were not readily available to you in that traditional setting. Thus, it is obvious we need to work in a different way to facilitate your success.

Where do you tutor?

Most of my tutoring takes place in the student’s house. If the student is a minor, an adult must be present. Libraries and coffee shops like Panera, Starbucks, or another place where you feel you can learn are also good options. I also tutor at my home if that is more practical for you. I also offer support by phone, Skype, and additional online platform to my regular students.

Do you offer any sort of discounts or financial aid?

Yes, I will consider special cases. A student that is in need and is willing to work hard will receive my help. I assure you we will find an arrangement that will work for all.

Why are the rates so high?

Well, obviously, this is not something the School provides but an additional supplemental educational tool geared specifically for your needs. The rates are what they are because I’m an experienced professional that provides outstanding service to you. I know what I’m doing, I care about you (my student), and I’m committed to your academic success.

In addition, this cost reflects not only the net tutoring. I commit significantly more time for each session than the net hour I spend with you. In my personal experience, I found that for every hour I spent working with a student I would spend another 30 minutes traveling. In addition there are features that you are not charged for like answering your question before a test over the phone or by email, an occasional Skype/Video short session etc. This is without accounting for scheduling time, and other back-office work that is transparent to you. Then, there are other expenses: Uncle Sam (Taxes), office supplies, website maintenance, and more – like any other small business.

You might want to consider what your mechanic, plumber, fitness guide, or any other experienced expert professional charges for their time (not to mention medical doctors or lawyers) before saying the rates are high.

Why should I work with a private tutor like you and not a company?

In a single word – overhead.

Private tutors like myself have overhead expenses but it is no way near the ones most tutoring companies have. When you work with a company you are paying not only for the tutor compensation, but also for the rent, electric bill, franchise cost, and profit of the manager / owner – no wonder their hourly rates for one-on-one services are actually much higher. Not only that, but the compensation of their tutors is lower. You can see then that you’ll probably end up with a less educated (College students or less – typically), less experienced (usually he or she will work by a “method” that miraculously works for all students), and amateur tutor (most view it as a short-term gig) . The people who would actually interact with you or your child are likely not of the same quality and don’t share the same level of commitment and enthusiasm.

I understand the appeal of working with a “Company” – I think that, like many choices we make in the modern world, this appeal is fueled by appearances and not facts – many of these companies invest heavily in advertising and usually sell you an illusion. Rarely can these companies bring about the change in your learning and knowledge in the rate an experienced, independent, tutor can.